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    Decorating For Fall!

    Decorating For Fall!

    Decorate with me for fall! We are decorating using base pieces already in my home and adding pops of warmth and fall treasures!

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    Unique Uses For Sweet Grace Products

    Unique Uses For Sweet Grace Products

    Hey ya'll its Alyssa! It has been a while since I have done a blog post!! We are gearing up for an amazing fall and winter at GAHT! I am bringing back blog posts in hopes to connect with everyone near and far follow GAHT! My goal is to do weekly blog posts about fashion, tips, lifestyle, and home! 

    To kick off blogging again our first topic is a GAHT's best seller and what I literally consider my bread and butter of the business lol! That is... you guessed it SWEET GRACE! We have carried Bridgewater's Sweet Grace scent for 2 years now and it is the best! So lets talk about why I love this company and different ways to use this scent in your day to day life!

    With every purchase of a Bridgewater candle they provide 3 meals to a child in need. A win win, you get an amazing candle and a child is fed for a day! Let me try and describe this wonderful scent for you in my terms! To me Sweet Grace is a clean and sweet scent that even most men love! Also it is the perfect strength of fragrance.

    Who's ready for some tips?!

    Tip 1: Sweet Grace Laundry Detergent 

    Out of everything at GAHT from clothes, jewelry, etc this is by far my best seller. It is the perfect boujee laundry detergent to make your clothes, linens, etc smell incredible! We carry both 6oz $10 bottles and 32oz $30. 

    1. Take a empty spray bottle and fill it with half Sweet Grace laundry detergent, half water. Shake well and you have created the best linen spray! I use this to freshen my bedding in between washes, my shower curtain, carpet, scatter rugs, couch, basically anything that is fabric!

    2. Use the Sweet Grace laundry detergent in your wet mop or carpet cleaner! Your floors will thank you and so will your guests when they smell your home!

    6 oz bottle link: https://graceathometreasures.net/collections/sweet-grace-collection/products/sweet-grace-laundry-detergent

    32 oz bottle link: https://graceathometreasures.net/collections/sweet-grace-collection/products/sweet-grace-laundry-detergent-1

    Tip 2: Sweet Grace Fragrance Oil

    1. Take around an 8oz empty spray bottle and fill with a quarter of rubbing alcohol, and 10 to 20 drops of Sweet Grace's fragrance oil and fill the rest of the bottle with water shake well. You know have a great counter clean! We also have the Sweet Grace Multi Surface Cleaner if you want to just buy one!

    2. This is also great in your oil diffusers or warmers!

    Link to Home Fragrance Oil: https://graceathometreasures.net/collections/sweet-grace-collection/products/sweet-grace-fragrance-oil

    Tip 3: Sweet Grace Scented Sachets

    1. Store Sweet Grace sachets in linen closets, blanket basket, gym bag or dresser drawers.

    2. Open envelope and add contents to vacuum compartment or bag. The vacuum will diffuse the scent!

    3. Carry a sachet while traveling for a taste of home.

    4. Display sachet on a desk or entry way with a cute easel.

    5. Place sachet at the bottom of trashcan and place trash bags on top to keep it smelling fresh!

    6. Open envelope, and add contents with water to a simmering pot. 

    Link to Sachet: https://graceathometreasures.net/collections/sweet-grace-collection/products/sweet-grace-scented-sachet

    That is all for now! Thank you to my customers who have shared some Sweet Grace tips and tricks with me! I love seeing everyones creativity with these products! Make sure to check out our entire collection of Sweet Grace in-store or online at https://graceathometreasures.net/collections/sweet-grace-collection

    Also, look out for more blog posts coming soon and send me anymore tips and tricks with Sweet Grace you may have! 

    Love, Alyssa Grace


    My Dinning Room

    My Dinning Room

    I am so excited to be sharing a little tour of my dining room in the new house! Stay tuned to get the compete house tour!

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